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Puffles are the pets in Club Penguin. The name was actually created by a Club Penguin Player. Club Penguin asked its players to submit a name for them. They received nearly 3,000 submissions! Below are the descriptions of each Puffle and what they look like.

Color: Blue

Attitude: Mild-tempered, content, loyal

Favorite toy: Ball

Special features: Loyal, easy to take care of

Other: For nonmembers and members

Color: Pink

Attitude: Active, cheery

Favorite toys: Jump Rope, Trampoline

Special features: Loves to exercise

Other: Members Only

Color: Green

Attitude: Energetic, playful

Favorite toys: Unicyle, Propeller Cap

Special features: Likes to clown around.

Other: Members Only

Color: Black

Attitude: Strong, silent type

Favorite toys: Skateboard

Special features: Sometimes very energetic

Other: Members Only

Color: Purple

Attitude: Usually happy

Favorite toys: Bubble wand, disco ball

Special features: Loves to dance, picky eater

Other: Members Only

Color: Red

Attitude: Adventurous, enthusiastic

Favorite toys: Bowling Pins, Cannon

Special features: Brought by Rockhopper

Other: For nonmembers and members

Color: Yellow

Attitude: Artistic, spontaneous

Favorite toys: Paintbrush, easel

Special features: Very creative, dreamer

Other: Members Only

Color: White

Attitude: Gentle, strong

Favorite toys: Skate

Special features: Breath turns anything to ice

Other: Members Only

Color: Orange

Attitude: Zany, curious

Favorite toys: Box, wagon

Special features: Deep sleeper

Other: Members Only

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