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Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades and Flooring List

This is a list of every igloo and flooring on Club Penguin. It is updated whenever Club Penguin adds a new igloo or flooring option.


Basic Igloo
Cost: 1,500 (Free when you first join – it’s the starting igloo for every penguin)

Basic Candy
Cost: 1,500

Basic Snow
Cost: 1,000

Basic Secret Stone
Cost: 2,000

Cost: 4,000

Deluxe Candy
Cost: 4,000

Deluxe Snow
Cost: 3,000

Deluxe Secret Stone
Cost: 5,000

Split Level
Cost: 4,600

Candy Split Level
Cost: 4,600

Snow Split Level
Cost: 4,600

Cost: 4,200

Bamboo Hut
Cost: 3,200

Log Cabin
Cost: 4,100

Fish Bowl
Cost: 2,400

Gym Igloo
Cost: 4,800

Jack O’ Lantern
Cost: 2,700

Ice Castle
Cost: 5,100

Pink Ice Palace
Cost: 4,900

Cost: 4,300

Snow Globe
Cost: 2,700

Cost: 2,700

Dojo Igloo
Cost: 5,000

Cost: 4,800

Gingerbread House
Cost: 2,100

Tree House Igloo
Cost: 4,500

Theatre Igloo
Cost: 4,600

Circus Tent Igloo
Cost: Free (700 Fall Fair Tickets)

Snowy Backyard Igloo
Cost: 3,500

Cave Igloo
Cost: 2,500

Green Clover Igloo
Cost: 2,050

Grey Ice Castle
Cost: 4,500

Cozy Cottage
Cost: 2,500

Estate Igloo
Cost: 2,500

Igloo Flooring:

Cost: 1,200

Cost: 370

Black and White Tile
Cost: 510

Blue Carpet
Cost: 530

Burgundy Carpet
Cost: 530

Green Carpet
Cost: 530

Black Carpet
Cost: 530

Pink Carpet
Cost: 530

Dark Stone Tile
Cost: 800

Cherry Hardwood
Cost: 620

Dance Floor
Cost: 1,000

Dirt and Leaves
Cost: 400

Cost: 540

Maple Hardwood
Cost: 620

Painted Dance Steps
Cost: 280

Cost: 700

Terracotta Tile
Cost: 680

Cost: 750

Sand Floor
Cost: 400

Blue Polka-Dot Floor
Cost: 530

Snowy Floor
Cost: 400

Lime Green Carpet
Cost: 530

Archaeological Dig Decal (This is a furniture flooring item)
Cost: 160

Ice Fishing Decal (This is a furniture flooring item)
Cost: 50

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